Friday, August 21, 2009

#19 Paula Yementine

Paula Yementine - Deceased

Deep down, she was always so worried about what others would think of her. One can only imagine what the gossipmongers would have made of her eating her own parents.


Dekx said...

This site is AWESOME! We at Robot Loves Zombie are officialy TMZ fans. Oh dear...that's an unfortunate acronyminous coincidence, isn't it? TooMZ? TMaZ? OO! How about Too Many Zombies?! Spelling out the entire title is pretty much the ultimate acronym.

Dekx said...

Woops! I mentioned you on our blog without talking to your first. You can email me at robotloveszombie at gmail dot com if you'd like to discuss it further. I'll be happy to take it down if you're so inclined.


Too Many Zombies said...

I'm glad you felt my little blog was worthy of the mention.

Garrincha said...

are kidding?
i love iove it!
big fan.