Thursday, March 11, 2010

#217 Officer Deadcat

Officer Sin Deadcat - Deceased

Investing disappearances when the bodies she was searching for stumbled out of Joey's Discount Coffins. Nobody knew his showroom stock was occupied all this time.


L.Cass said...

Awesome zombies man... love the art style. My new favorite blog :D

Too Many Zombies said...

Thanks for the comment! Really glad you're liking them.

Admin said...

Hi - we've recently created a zombie website - it's still early days and a lot of sections are still under construction, but we'd really appreciate it if you could check it out an let us know what you think. Also would it be possible for you to link our site ? We would of course return the favour and link your own !
Hope to hear from you,

Too Many Zombies said...

Not a bad idea for a site at all. You've taken on quite a chellenge, looking to define something that has so many different forms and interpretations but it's looking good so far. I look forward to seeing how it grows. I added a link to it.

Admin said...

Thanks so much for the feedback and for linking us ! We have linked your blog on our own blog page. Will hopefully be putting up more content over the next days so stay tuned !
Thanks again,