Friday, March 12, 2010

#218 Batz Creepshow

Batz Creepshow - Deceased

Killed by Joey Phantom and stuffed in a coffin. Unlike the rest of Joey's victims, Batz Creepshow escaped a second death.


Drewkearns said...

hey man :)
i can draw on it perfect now but the backgrounds are so hard to do!! any tips pls?

Too Many Zombies said...

My approach changes depending on the background but, for something like this one, I make a layer first where I roughly sketch the background in lines in a dark grey or something.

Then, in a layer underneath, I colour it with the main colour (grey in this case) by going into the layer 'more' options and using the fill option.

From there, I set my brush to a low transparency. With the main BG colour selected, I change the colour so it's a little darker and then just start shading it in bit by bit. Because of the low transparency, the first few strokes are barely visible but it builds up as I go along. I change the colour darker and darker to do all the shadows.

Then do the same but while making the colour lighter for the highlight.

That's for something like this. For many of them, I just mess about with the colours and try to keep it all a bit rough and scratchy.

Drewkearns said...

i tryed all the steps u said and failed bad :'( maybe u have have that special touch :P hehe

Too Many Zombies said...

Keep at it. It will click.

If it helps, I could show you bit by bit how I'm doing a background and put it on the companion blog.