Thursday, May 6, 2010

#271 Percival Gently

Percival Gently - Deceased

One of the quiet dead. You know, the ones who just appear behind you when you least expect it. They move like ninjas, only slower.


susan said...

slow ninjas. love it. happy election day to you! should be lots of zombies at the polls, no?

Too Many Zombies said...

Well I guess people might have to worry more about the zombies who get elected.

susan said...

Well, I just woke up, checked CNN and BBC. Dang I cannot understand your politics even if I did cover it 5 years ago when I worked in London! Should I congratulate you or pull you a cyber pint in sympathy? I guess it's the pint, no?

I wish Humphrey was back in Downing Street. He was so cute. He would have stopped those Zombies! At least the mouse ones.

The zombies are all on Twitter now . U there?