Thursday, July 8, 2010

#334 Dieter Von Puddlestein

Dieter Von Puddlestein - Deceased

If you play with fire and all that. Well, he wasn't playing with fire. He was playing with dead things. Von Puddlestein didn't get burned, just slightly eaten.


Aj said...

Hey!I love the descriptions and drawings! I'm a great fan of your work and I'm a great fan of zombies as well! Keep up the great work! You can reach me at, it'd be cool to get to know another zombie fan who shares my interest for drawing as well as the undead. You've only got a few more to go!

Project Z said...

Hey TMZ. Your blog as well as the A World on Fire blog have inspired me to start my own. By the way, it's the same person as the post up there ^ (AJ).
My blog is
I was wondering if I could borrow a zombie for my profile picture? And maybe you could make me one to keep as a permanent? Hopefully you don't mind helping me get settled in. Well, take care and until then!
Aj- Project Z

Too Many Zombies said...

Hey AJ,
I'll send you a mail in a little while. Glad you like the zombies!

iZombie said...

they just keep getting better!